Have you seen Water for Elephants? Cody and I watched it last month and we were both shocked at how GOOD we both thought it was!! I think we thought it was going to be a huge chick flick! It wasn't though. It's a sweet love story, but also a very inspiring story about following your dreams.
Of course I love Robert Pattinson! I enjoyed seeing him in something besides Twilight! I think a lot of people don't like him because they hate Twilight, which is sad. He really is a good actor and he proves that in Water for Elephants.
Cropped Water 4 Elephants
This movie isn't just a love story. Really it's more about how the old time Circuses were run. It's definitely a tearjerker, so be ready with some Kleenex. Reese Witherspoon is also amazing in the movie. It's rare for me to find a movie with both an actor and actress in it that I actually love.
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Water for Elephants is a great movie! I plan to read the book soon now that I have a job with an 1 hour lunch break!!


  1. I loved the book and was really excited to see the movie. I am one of those people who was skeptical because of Robert Pattinson though, he proved me wrong. He was great in Water for Elephants!

  2. I am glad you gave Robert a chance! ;)

  3. The book is also quite fantastic! I read the book first and then had to see the movie because I enjoyed the book so much. :)

  4. Have you read the book yet? I've read the book too after I saw the movie and I absolutely loved it! I had to cry even more while reading the book haha. xo


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