Inspiration: Beautiful Painted Credenza

Lately I have been wanting to spray paint everything! Why does it have to be winter right now? It seems like on my days off it's always windy and snowing. So even painting in the garage is out of the question since it's not heated. I am dying to find a dresser or buffet to paint yellow for my dining room. Every trip to the thrift stores lately have left me empty handed. I originally planned on painting my buffet (that I don't have yet) with a roller and a can of paint, but I may just go with spray paint instead! Look at this BEAUTIFUL spray painted buffet by Jenny from Little Green Notebook....
Credenza by Jenny
My jaw dropped when I saw this thing!!!!Credenza by Jenny
This was all the inspiration I needed to decide to use spray paint instead! The only thing that will keep me from not using spray paint, is if I don't like the color of yellow offered in the spray paint selection. I would really just like to get a paint sprayer, but I just don't feel like spending the money on one right now! Jenny has step by step directions on her blog on how she painted her buffet. She also did some other awesome stuff in her home office makeover!
Credenza by Jenny
I am super jealous of her office, but I will use that jealously to motivate me to go shopping this weekend for my own awesome buffet! lol Thanks Jenny for the great inspiration!


  1. I've been on the look out for a credenza forever! I am waiting for one to appear on the curb. Can't wait to see your yellow credenza.

    Spray paint is so addicting! I also want to spray paint everything, but I don't have any where to do it. I love the laquered look of this piece.

  2. I've had this office pinned for a while, and I seriously stare and drool over it about once a week. LOVE.


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