Dose of Jonathan Adler

I didn't get a job so that I could spend $175 on a decorative pillow, but dam it's tempting! I am so in love with the new pillows from Jonathan Adler...
JA Pillows Bargello jan2012
The colors and patterns are amazing. Even Cody loves them,....just not the price. This is probably my current favorite color scheme: Pink, Blue and Orange! YUMMY!
The Sugar MonsterBlue & PinkProject NurseryBlue, Pink & Orange
This may be my new inspiration for my living room.....

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  1. Hi Jessie! That's one of my favorite color schemes too! And I love it with pops of black. So surprising that I'm using black in my place.

    I love that last picture! One of my favorite color combinations is hot pink and ice blue. Love that Morgantown glassware, I could have a whole collection of that!


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