My California Photo Collage Wall

Over the weekend I finally had some nice enough weather to bust out my spray paint. I couldn't wait to start working on my photo collage wall. When I started this project I didn't know what colors I wanted the frames to be or even what pictures were going to go in the frames! It all started when I designed a cute California print...
California Print
Then I decided I wanted to just frame pictures that I took in California....
California Wall Collage
I decided to just stick with white and silver frames. Most of the frames were black and I spray painted them glossy white. I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch Primer, I highly recommend it! I decided to put scrapbook paper in the 12"x12" frames and just tape a photo printed out as a 8"x 8" on top of the paper.
California Collage Detail 1California Collage Detail 3
I am pretty happy with how it looks. Cody even loves it! We really love California, so the pictures really trigger some happy memories! My other project over the weekend was my $4 Kmart Frame. It got a pretty in pink makeover!
Pink Collage Frame and Vinylmations
I decided to put some photos from our last Disney Vacation in the frame. We really had some funny pictures taken. I used my TJUSIG rack from IKEA to set my Vinylmations on. I just took the hooks off of it and it became the perfect shelf for my figurines. It is nice finally seeing some things on my blank walls...

This was a fun project! I may do another frame collage on the wall you can't see in the photos! We'll see....


  1. I love it! The way you used the scrapbook paper really made the pictures pop, so cute!

  2. LOVE it! Especially the little creatures hangin' out! ;)


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