A Vinlymation Christmas

I had a Vinylmation Christmas! I wanted Vinylmations for Christmas this year. A lot of sets are getting harder to find, so I asked for some of the ones that I knew would be sold out soon!
Urban 6Vinylmations Urban6 Xmas
Villians 2Vinylmations Villians2 for Xmas
NerdsVinylmations Nerds Xmas
For Cody! Star Wars Series 1Vinylmations StarWars Xmas
I also got some 9" Vinylmations!
Gonzo Muppets Series 2Vinylmation Gonzo Xmas
Retro Mickey Mouse & DumboVinylmation Project Disney Xmas
The Mad HatterVinylmation Mad Hatter Xmas
After Christmas the Disney Store was running a sale on Urban 6, so I bought 7 more hoping to end up with a complete set of 12. Well, that didn't happen! I got 2 that I needed and 5 duplicates!
Urban 6Vinylmation Urban6 pair
Cody and I visited the two Disney Stores located in the Denver area yesterday. I was able to trade 3 of my duplicates for 3 Vinylmations I didn't have yet...
Dr. Facilier from the Villians 2 Series and two Vinylmations from Cutesters 2 Series
Vinylmations 3 trades dec2011
I have a total of 51 duplicates to trade when we go to Disney World again!!! Now I am on the lookout for shelves or a display cabinet for my Vinylmations! I hung our wedding pictures in our hallway this week. I decided it would be cute to sit some of the Vinylmations on top of the frames...
Vinylmation Hallway
Thanks to my family for getting me some Vinylmations for Christmas!


  1. I wish I had stuck with my plan to get more vinylmations- but there are no Disney stores here. I love how you displayed them above your wedding photos.

    Have you seen the blind box Hello Kitty figurines at Urban Outfitters? They are on clearance for 1.99 on their website. With my luck I will get all the same ones.

  2. I have seen the Hello Kitty Figurines and I have stayed STRONG. lol I don't want to start collecting them, because I know I will buy them all.


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