Will over at Bright Bazaar posted a tour of Jonathan Lo's home. I fell in love with his vase collection!
Jonathan Lo Vase collection

I would pretty much love to have all the items in the image above. I am now on a mission to seek out a blue vintage vase. Look at this amazing collection of vases! It is like looking at a glass rainbow!
Source: Inspire Bohemia

Source: Retrolution

Like I need to collect anything else! HA! Hey, I only want a few....


  1. I love the vases too! I've been mixing glass with my ceramic. I want a collection of Holmegaard vases, but they are expensive. Target did some knock-offs a few years ago, but I didn't buy them.

    Here's a site I think you'll like:

  2. Very cool website Peggy! I just wish I could afford them! I plan to go antiquing with my good friend come Spring time so I will be hunting for some cool vases!


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