Possible Photo Collage Wall

A few months ago I posted about my Living Room Wall. I had all these ideas and all this stuff I wanted to buy! Then I realized I have a lot of pictures frames I hadn't used anywhere in the apartment. I love photo collage walls and came up with this layout...
apartment103 livingroom wall layout1 practice

I can't decide if I like it enough to put the holes in the wall! LOL Keep in mind the photos would be different that are in the frames in the photo above. I love my yellow frames! They are just $1.00 frames spray painted yellow. Here is the photo of the wall with nothing on it, What do you think? I could just buy one poster and hang it and be done! I still like the idea of putting picture ledges on the wall instead of the collage. Then I have to buy more stuff and I am really trying to avoid that!
apartment103 livingroom8

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  1. I like it, I usually go for a more random look, but I think this works! Oh, love those chairs by the way!


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