Week 2 started out fine. Towards the end though I started to get increasingly frustrated that I could not speak to my husband. It is such a weird thing to not even be able to pick up the phone and ask him how his day was. Good news though, he called me on Sunday. It was absolutely wonderful hearing his voice. I was actually in line at TJ Maxx when I got his call. The first thing I said to him was, "How did you know I would be shopping, you caught me!?!" I have been writing him lots of letters and he told me he loves getting them. That made me happy. He is doing really well. He sounds happy and his spirits are up! I can't wait to see him! Especially in his dress blues!
week 2 collage

This week I dyed my hair myself. Cody usually does my roots for me. {No, my platinum blond hair isn't nature. LOL} I also started doing Winsor Pilates and giving up Caffeine. Maybe the giving up Caffeine thing is why I am overly emotional this week? Coffee is free at work and I work a lot of closing shifts then I come back in the morning. Sometimes it is hard to keep going! There are days where I would drink up to 6 cups of coffee and also have tea. I decided I just don't want to do it anymore. I have been a huge coffee drinker since I was in high school! I have given up before, but only for a short time period. This week I also treated myself to some new perfume from Victoria Secret called Beauty Rush. I purchased the Cupquake and Candy scents. I also booked my hotel this week for Cody's graduation! Now I am pricing digital cameras because I may purchase a really nice one before I go!

Listening 2: Beck - Odelay


  1. Hi Jessie, so good to see your spirits are up! I've been meaning to comment - I always read but I've been falling behind in comments lately. It's been two weeks already? See the time is going to fly by.

    Here's some miscellaneous comments: I love your Billy Bookcase. I love your hair! And I'm so happy you are keeping up with your blog!

    Happy New Year!


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