Not counting stress from work, I am doing GREAT! I talked to Cody a few days ago. He called me early on Saturday morning. Talking to him fixes everything. I am so thankful that they let the guys call home! He is enjoying it and doing well. I have started mailing him everyday, instead of every few days. That way he gets mail more often. I am on Letter 19 right now. It is nice writing him everyday to let him know what I am doing and how I am. I'm sure he never gets sick of hearing how much I love him and miss him! :)


This week the snow came back. We had one day where it rained and cleared all of it away, then it happened all over again. This storm was worse because it involved ICE also. I did shop some more this week. I find shopping very therapeutic! Which is scary, because it can get expensive! I have only been hitting clearance racks and keeping a tight budget when I go! I bought an awesome Alice in Wonderland wallet from Hot Topic! Chloe got a new bone that she loves very much! I discovered Bengal Spice tea! Since I am giving up Caffeine I needed something Decaff to drink! It is really yummy. I ordered our Disney Photo Pass pictures this week. I plan to go get a few blown up today. I also got my haircut. It rests just at my shoulders. It is easier to take care of when its a little shorter. Overall good week. If Cody was NOT calling me this would be a lot harder. Hearing his voice and knowing he is doing great keeps me going! I just can't wait to see him in 5 weeks!

Link to my cute Minnie & Mickey T-Shirt from Old Navy!
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