I wanted to post about my new thing I have starting collecting: Vinylmation Figurines. I just think they are so cute to look at and I can't wait to get more.

There is a new series coming out soon that are Disney Characters! I am excited there is an Alice!
Vinylmation Animation #1 Series
Dstreet Vinylmation

I took this picture above at the store called D Street in Downtown Disney. It is one of the stores with a large selection of Vinylmation figurines. Disney guests meet here to trade figurines. Here is my collection, only 6 figures for now....
Vinylmation first 6 of collection

Cody really wanted to me to buy some that are on sale on the Disney Store website. I am thinking about buying them for him as a gift when I go to his graduation. Unfortunately he won't be able to keep them with him, but I still think he would be super excited! He won't be able to keep anything in his room, but I am still getting him a present!

Do you remember the BILLY Bookcase I bought months ago? I think I am going to bring that to the apartment and use it to display some of my toy collection, including the Vinylmation figurines!

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