Cody has been gone 1 week now! I survived! LOL I have worked a lot this past week and been staying busy. I do write him a letter everyday, it helps a lot. It makes me feel like I am talking to him. I mail a few together and wait a few days to mail the next group of letters. I want him to know that I am okay. I hope that the letters help him to get through his day a little better.

week 1

We got snow again this week. I had to drive in the crap yesterday to go to work. It was nice though, because it kept all the customers away! I got a lot of work done. My Mustang is staying parked for a few days! We are supposed to get more snow this weekend! YUCK! I hate this time of year. I got my BILLY bookcase together and in the apartment this week.

I am proud of myself for doing it without Cody's help. It wasn't hard, but usually he is the one that puts the IKEA furniture together. I am sure he will be glad that he didn't have to build this BILLY bookcase! This week was just a lot of cleaning, organizing some things in the apartment and working. I have been strong so far. I only cried the first night and the next morning. I think I am going to be okay. I just keep him in my thoughts and prayers and know that we will be together soon.

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  1. you are holding up great, keep it up! and i love the billy bookcase :)

  2. Thanks. I thought it would fun to post something every week. That way it seems "sooner" that I get to see him. It is better to count the weeks then the days. :)


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