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Alice emailed me to help her come up with some ideas for her little girls nursery. She wanted a modern nursery with clean lines but still have a feminine touch. Here are my design boards and ideas...
meredith nursery furniture board{LINKS}
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I selected white modern furniture. I also picked the 3 Drawer Chest from IKEA to be used as a changing table. The inspiration piece is a photo that is special to Alice and her husband. They really would like to hang it in the nursery. I pulled the color scheme from the photo. I love black nurseries and thought it would pretty with all the items I picked out. Here is Design Plan 1 :
Merediths nursery design plan 1{LINKS}
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Design Plan 2 :
Merediths nursery design plan 2{LINKS}
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This plan has more pops of color! I love the rug and it really inspired the whole color scheme. The great thing about the bedding is it is also available in other colors if Alice didn't want to do red. Bright red bedding in a white modern crib would be very pretty though! Here are some storage pieces I love for Meredith's nursery...
meredith nursery extra stuff{LINKS}
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Number 2 is the TROFAST system sold at IKEA. The frame also comes in white! I think this piece is nice to tuck away in a corner or on a wasted wall. Great for toys or whatever else you want to use the bins for. Picture ledges are a great simple way to display books and small knick knacks. When gathering my ideas for Meredith's nursery I was really inspired by this nursery.

Image source: Oh Dee Doh / Nursery belongs to Maeve Rosalind

Now does it make sense why I love black walls for Meredith's nursery!? I have painted rooms black and I think its a myth that it "shrinks" the room. It gives a room instant interest and makes everything POP in the room! Whatever Alice and her husband decide I wish them luck and most of all FUN while decorating for their sweet bundle of joy!

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