The end of week 4 means Cody is now half way done! Yes, it is exciting. I did get to talk to him this past Saturday. Sadly this time we were both pretty stressed. He is sick and was really tired. He sounded really down and all I wanted was to be able to give him a big hug. That is what is making this so hard. I did mail him a picture last week and he had already gotten it. I was pretty happy about that and so was he!!

I am trying really hard to keep my spirits up. I have been spending a lot of time with my parents. The photos above are Mario Sunshine for Game Cube. I tried to play it but got really bored with it. Mail from Disney, "They miss us" apparently! LOL Well, they are just going to have to wait to see us! We may or may not be able to go this year. I bought some cute Camo slippers! I started playing Sim City on Super Nintendo. I enjoy playing the old school video games. I would say overall this week has been the hardest. Work has me stressed out and I am missing my husband like crazy. I finally cleaned my sterling heart necklace that Cody bought me years ago. I am wearing it everyday. Cody also informed me that he is going to school in California. That means he will be even further away!!! Hopefully I can get some cheap flights!

Listening 2: Band of Skulls

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