I really wanted to post something today, but wasn't sure what to post. I thought of something I had been meaning to post for months now! Not sure if anyone has noticed that I started putting a logo on most of MY photos. Here is why....

Picture 12

A few months ago I found this picture above on this blog. I wasn't that upset about it, but I decided if people are going to take MY DESIGNS and NOT give me credit for them, I sure as hell am going to at least put MY LOGO on it! Hey, I am thankful that they like my old dining room, but I designed it. IT IS CODY & ME hanging on that wall!!!! LOL

There is also another blog out there that took pages of my posts and just copied and pasted them to their blog. He has a disclaimer on the bottom of the page that tells people that the images and posts are NOT his. So, I guess he thinks by saying that it is okay. Again, link the posts back to my blog if you are going to do that! He steals peoples posts and does not give any information of where he got the content he has stolen. It is very frustrating! He has pictures of my pets and me painting my old house! It is just plain weird. His blog is supposed to be an interior design blog. He just steals content from other interior design bloggers. I lost the link to his blog, but I know I will come across it again. I find my images all the time when I do google searches and it is usually his blog. I left him a comment asking him to remove the posts or at least give me credit. I didn't get a response of course. I know when you put things on the internet it is just a bunch a sharing. Especially design blogs! We are just all sharing inspiration photos and enjoying the "eye candy" of interior design! We should all link back to each other and keep it fun! :)

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