My BILLY Bookcase Decorated

Here is the BILLY Bookcase with all my stuff on it. I am very happy with the way it turned out. I bought a few new things from IKEA to put on the bookcase. I put our Vinylmation figurines on the bookcase! I think they look really cute. I am so glad I bought this limited addition BILLY bookcase! The design of the bookcase is full of quotes about friendship and LOVE. Very fitting for Cody & I.
apartment103 BILLY bookcase1
apartment103 BILLY bookcase3
apartment103 BILLY bookcase2

New IKEA items

SALONG white vase
Pink NYTTJA Picture Frames

{ Word of advise about IKEA products: There are many items that are on the IKEA website that are not even at my store for sale anymore. Always check the online stock or call the store to see if they have the item you want before driving hours to shop at an IKEA. }

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