FLASHBACK to 1996 - Photo Collage Bedroom

I was cleaning out my closet today and found tons of magazine clippings from when I did my entry way collage wall. I love doing collage walls from photos and magazine pages. I love doing it because it is like putting together a puzzle. Below is where the hobby started for me...

title and band logos

bedroom 1 1996

bedroom 2 1996
Green Day was my world! lol
bedroom 3 1996

bedroom 4 1996

bedroom ceiling 1996

I know not everyone could live in a room like this, but I was a teenager! lol I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. We ended up moving shortly after I finally got the room complete. I do still listen to Green Day, No Doubt, Garbage & Soundgarden. :)


  1. My room looked so much like that too back then! Plus I had the same Leonardo DiCaprio poster from Romeo + Juliet.. good times :)

  2. 1996.. this room was and still IS awesome..I used to have a collage "wall" in one of my cabinets in my room- Good times:) Loves it!

  3. hA! Too funny!
    my room was like this, too.
    leo.. and NIN, and green day...
    man, we were cool.
    he aeheh eahe
    cheers! -ashley

  4. LOVE this.
    How did you keep everything attached? I've tried, but nothing seems to work without ruining my wall.

  5. I just used scotch tape. Sometimes it would stay on the wall a little bit after I took the picture down, but never damaged the walls.


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