The North Face

I am seeking a WARM winter coat. I had never considered a coat from The North Face, but I am now. I tend to just buy something that is cute and pretty. Currently I have a Houndstooth coat I bought a few years ago. Now it seems a lot of women have Houndstooth coats, so I am over the whole thing now. I hate winter. I just want to be a warm as possible this year. Especially since I have to walk the dogs now! Here are a few of my choices...

Redpoint Opus Jacket - $169.00
Picture 1

Diez Jacket - $229.00
Picture 2

Carmel Jacket - $199.00
Picture 3

I tried on a few yesterday at Dick's Sporting Goods. That was annoying. They were watching me like a hawk because I guess they thought Cody & I looked like shoplifters! It was very upsetting to me that I felt "watched" just because I was trying jackets on. I felt like saying, "I am sorry, I am only going to spend $200 on a coat here!! I need to make sure it fits!!" So, in other words, I will NOT be purchasing a coat from that store. Lucky for me, there is a North Face outlet store near my home. I hope to go try on some more coats soon! {Hopefully in peace!!} I have a hard time spending this amount of money on a coat. I am a sale rack / thrift store kinda girl, but I think this is a good investment.

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