My Dream Home {inspiration to build someday}

Cody & I dream of building our own home someday. As someone who loves interior design and drools over glass houses, I always figured I'd never have a chance to build MY dream home. I love windows and tall ceilings! How could I ever afford a house I would design???


Well, now that Cody & I actually have a plan that involves "careers" we may have a chance. I only have a few dreams that I would like to fulfill in my life. Designing my own modern home is at the top of the list. It would be the ultimate design project for me!!! Of course there is a lot of amazing houses out there already! I wouldn't be against just buying one!


Loft 2Loft


It is nice to dream and have goals. Cody and I went to Sonoma, California for our honeymoon. Wine country is beautiful and definitely is somewhere we could see ourselves living someday.
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  1. Don't give up on your dream(s), Jessie! A house of your own might be one of the biggest you can ever dare to achieve, and expect it to be discouraging at some point. Like what you said, you can always buy a house if it becomes too far from your reach. From there, you'd see that planning for the renovations is as good as designing your own. Put your visions to reality! :*

    1. Thanks for your comment Kayce. I am actually posting about house building this upcoming week for Earth Day. We are looking into newer green options. This post is quite old and a lot of my old desires have changed. I will still love to build, but I was it to be Eco-friendly and off-the grid. Building a home is still years away. :)


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