4 Movies

4 Movies

1. TIMER - A movie about getting a timer implanted in your arm. The timer goes off when you meet your soul mate. It was cute and funny. 3.5 stars

2. The Princess and the Frog - I hated this movie. I never hate Disney movies. It did not like that it had black magic in it and I would not let my children watch this movie. It just wasn't good. 1 star

3. Halloween {by Rob Zombie} - I thought this movie was going to be really good since Rob Zombie did it. It shows Michael Meyers growing up so you learn why he is the way he is. It had a lot of boring parts and it was really long. 2.5 stars

4. JUNO - I do not like that this movie was about teen pregnancy, but I did like the basic story line and the ending. It was a funny movie. 3.5 stars

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