Victoria Secret Bedroom

I designed this room back in May 2007. I posted about it in the past, but I wanted to update the photos. I also added more details about the room. I get asked about the paint colors all the time. Here is one of my favorite rooms I have ever designed for someone else:

Victoria Secret room picture page
PINK LOVE collage
want the look victoria secret room


Behr Paint
Victoria Secret Accessories & Bedding

{Accessories I used are no longer available. I purchased the canvas at Hobby Lobby.}


  1. How cute is this???? A teenagers dream! Head on over and check out my Christmas giveaway if you haven't already!


    Kori xoxo

  2. Hey! I live in an apartment so I can't paint the walls so do you have an idea on how I can make my walls not so bland but colorful instead of painting them? Also I am getting a comforter currently on the VS website (it is the one that is available in blue or pink and is reversible-Im getting the pink one) But do you know what decor and fun stuff I could pair with it cuz it seems like not very much would go with it??

  3. Hello Anonymous,

    I looked at the comforter you are getting form VS, very cute!! I always tell people who can't paint their walls to just get bold accessories! Get hot pink pictures frames! Spray paint things bright colors! Frame fabric or scrap book paper! I think buying a huge canvas from a hobby store and painting it hot pink and put white hearts on it would be cute. Just duplicate what is on the bedding! Also, if you have old furniture paint it pink. Do a google image search for pink accessories, you never know what you will see and what will inspire you! Good luck and have fun!


  4. Okay I am 13 years old and I have no clue what to do with my room I love victoria secret things I have the clothes and perfume and stuff like that but I just have no idea what to do): and I am moveing and I want to figure out what I should do...so if u have any Idea of what I should do I would apreciate it:) please and thank you!

  5. Hey Jesse :) I NEED HELP!!! I'm painting my room VS in 5 days!!! I don't know what paint colors to buy! You have four colors shown but only 2 colors on the wall! Which two do I buy?! PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

  6. The stripes are the first 2 colors. Pink Chintz and Springtime Bloom. :) Have fun Decorating!


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