I think a lot of us dream of having a Parsons desk somewhere in our home. Sadly, I can't justify spending $300 on one! Plus, even if I could afford to buy one, I am cheap so I don't think I would!

I love the simple modern look of the Parsons desk. West Elm even sells the desk in a shade of yellow! I don't plan on buying much new stuff for my apartment. I do need a desk though. I have always used Dining Room tables because I like a big work space. I have to downsize though to a small desk since space is an issue. I found a Parsons desk on Walmart's website. I know it won't be as nice but it will give me the look that I like.


Here are some lovely images of some Parsons Desks...
Image Source: Unplgged
Parsons Desk
Image Source: My Spinning Wheels {originally from Martha Stewart}

Image Source: Flickr / Decor 8

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  1. The Parsons is by far my favorite desk of all time. Such genious in its geometry. When I win the lottery I'm going to buy four of them.


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