Starting to Move

We found out our apartment isn't going to be ready for us until the end of the month. We have decided to start moving things to my parents house. They are letting me store some of my stuff in their garage. It is mainly my toy collection and a few odds and ends that you just can't fit into 742 square foot apartment. Here is a drawing of a girl screaming that I drew in high school... {Basically that sums up my mood for the whole year}


I kinda miss drawing, but just don't do it anymore. Decorating, Blogging and Photo Shop kinda fills that void. Drawing is very time consuming. Anyways, back to my stuff...


Looking at boxes sucks! I am really ready to get settled at my new place and move on with my life. I have about 20 totes of just toys mainly from the 1980's. They are my treasures and someday I will have a room just for them. :)


That is my vintage smurf from an amusement park ride that I rode back in the 80's. He is probably pretty valuable. I purchased him at an antique mall about 6 years ago. He goes everywhere I go!

I will try to keep up with my posts this week, but life is busy! Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. oh my, your toys are the best! love that smurf, what a find! I have about 2 tote of my eighties toys, and if I had no budget, I would surely purchase more:)


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