4 Movies

I put these 4 movies together for a reason! They all have dark story lines and have graphic content.

4 movies sep2010

1. American Psycho - I really like Christian Bale. He does a good performance in this film, but I didn't like the story at all. If you are a Christian Bail fan it may be worth watching. Otherwise I would only give it 3 stars Christian Bale 5 stars

2. Session 9 - This movie is about a clean up crew that goes to an old insane asylum to clean it. I don't want to give away anything, so I won't go into detail. I really didn't like it. :( 2 stars

3. Shutter Island - I really liked this movie. It kept me interested the whole time and I was happy with the way it ended. It isn't a movie that ends without explaining things that happened! 4 stars

4. MOON - A very interesting story about an astronaut that is sent to the moon. The story is kinda sad, but has an very unexpected twist to the story. 4 stars

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