Cody got his date for boot camp today! FINALLY! FINALLY! FINALLY! He is shipping out on January 4th, 2011. We are so glad that he will be going some what soon. It is a blessing. We don't have to be {as} stressed anymore. We can start really moving forward! We have already started planning a vacation to Disney World in December. We loved it so much the 1st time that we really thought it would be fun to go right before he left.

* Vacation
* Christmas
* Boot camp

After 2 months of boot camp there will be a huge graduation. Family, friends and myself will go see him graduate. {I will take tons of pictures!} After that he will start his education and training for his career. That we last about 6 months, then the Air Force will tell Cody where he will be stationed. Then he will come back to OHIO for me and our stuff. :) I should be moving from OHIO around August of 2011!

I am praying for palm trees and sunny skies! lol I dream of living somewhere that is WARM all year round. *fingers crossed*


  1. Jessie, so glad things are working out for you and Cody. You've been such an inspiration to me with your sunshiney disposition. Never change! xxoo

  2. So exciting!! You would love Hawaii!!

  3. You must be so excited! You would love being stationed in Hawaii!!


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