Travel Photo Collage

My friend Dan collects license plates, he has some really cool vintage plates in his collection. When we went to the Brass Armadillo last month I saw a cool Colorado plate from 1975. I thought it would be neat to get a few vintage plates while we live in Wyoming. Dan surprised me and mailed me a vintage Wyoming and Colorado plate! After I got them I thought to myself,"Now what do I do with them?" I decided that I would use them as inspiration to make a photo frame collage wall in my staircase. (On the only wall that didn't have anything yet.) I decided to design these two travel related collages on Photoshop...
Travel Collage 12x12
Collage 1 - Pictures Traveling to California / April 2011
I had two 12x12 picture frames to use in my photo collage. I designed these as 12x12 prints.
Travel Collage 2 12x12
Collage 2 - Traveling back to Ohio - July 2011
Only problem with that was, I can't print them out on a 8x11 piece of paper. I knew 8x8 prints would be to small. I just printed the pictures from the collage individual and then cut them out. Why I never thought to do something like this sooner is beyond me. Duh....
Travel Collage1
Then I put them back together like a puzzle...Travel Collage2Then you just place it in the frame and it looks like just like the 12x12 collage....Travel Collage3
This picture should give you an idea of where my travel collage is in my hallway...
Travel Collage4Travel Collage5
In the center of the collage, I decided to add two pictures of Cody and I from his graduation weekend. I figured the whole reason I had all the travel pictures is because of him joining the Air Force, so it seemed fitting. The large photos are Mt. Rushmore and The Arch in St. Louis.
Travel Collage6
I may add a few more frames above/below the 12x12 frames. I like that I was able to do this in just a few hours. It's nice to feel like I accomplished a decorating project!!!
You can see the rest of the staircase {HERE}


  1. your new place is coming together...

    me on the other hand... cant find an apartment. god i hate la.

  2. Hi Jess, not sure how I missed this post, but your travel collage is so cute! I love it! I love the pic of the St. Louis Arc. I want to see Mt. Rushmore so bad! I used your photos today of Mt. R. cuz I think they're the best I've seen!


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