Packing & No More Zombies

Are you sick of hearing about my trip to Ohio yet?
This week I have been planning and packing. Trying to get my head screwed on straight. I kinda go into planning panic mode when I have a trip/vacation. I will be driving to Ohio starting early Saturday morning. I pretty much have all my clothes packed and most of my stuff is organized.
Ohio Trip Collage 1 copy
I got the above cooler bags from Walmart. I didn't want to buy the typical ugly red and white plastic cooler. With my new plant based diet, I have to bring some food to last me those first few days on the road. It will be interesting visiting family and friends and not being able to really go out to eat with them. We'll see how it goes! :)
Ohio List 4 CodyCody's list reminding him to miss me!!!
I have lists everywhere in the house. A list on the fridge of things I don't want Cody to forget to do, the bills that need paid while I am gone, a long shopping list of things I hope to find in Ohio and a list of everything I am scared I will forget to pack. If I didn't have all these lists I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. I have my hotel room booked in Missouri. (I decided not to drive through IOWA this time.) I have the address in the GPS and google map directions printed out also.

I don't think I can lift my suitcase it's so full. I always seem to over pack no matter what. I took winter and summer clothes, since everywhere in the country seems to be warmer right now! Yet it's going to be chilly this weekend in Ohio. I also want to look "cute" so I planned some outfits. Also with my new diet I am able to wear clothes that have always been to tight to wear in the past. So it's almost like a whole new wardrobe! I also am taking like 6 pairs of shoes. I think my guy friend I am staying with is going to get a good laugh at how much crap I packed!!! I plan to visit family and friends in Ohio for 2 - 3 weeks or till I run out of money!!! I plan to keep blogging, but they will not be decorating or fashion posts. So, unless you care about my "adventures" in Ohio, then stop back by in a few weeks. LOL

Do you watch The Walking Dead?
Ohio Trip Collage - Zombies
It's our favorite show. They just had their season finale and Cody and I are going to have withdrawals. I always hate waiting for a TV series to start up again. At least I know I probably won't have nightmares about zombies for awhile now! The last episode was full of so many ugly zombies. I hid my face in my shirt a lot during the show. The Walking Dead has absolutely nothing to do with me going to Ohio, I just wanted to talk about it.

I leave this Saturday for Ohio and won't be there till Sunday afternoon. I have a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo and maybe the Columbus Zoo planned. A lot of shopping! Visiting my IKEA store that I miss so very much and catching up with my friends! Hope you'll stop by next week to check out some of my pictures. I plan to take like 9000 of them....


  1. We LOVE the Walking Dead and we're not looking forward to the long wait for the next season!

  2. LOL at your list!! I'd say the same to Duane. I really hope you enjoy Ohio.

  3. Well time goes by so fast, the next season will be here before we know it! I will have fun in Ohio!! :) Thanks.

  4. I live in Ohio! Don't think you will make it up north enough but wave anyway! :)
    So, I have to know...did you like Shane or not? Were you completely shocked by his death & also completely amazed by the fact that Carl just may have the best aim on that show! The bullet went above & around his dad to hit Shane square in the head! Regardless, it is my favorite!!!

  5. Tracy, I knew that Shane was going to get killed because I read the comics. I hated Shane pretty much all the time. He did a few things that I agreed with, like killing the zombies in the barn. I was shocked that he was going to kill Rick in THAT episode, because the episode before he seemed more normal. He started to not act so crazy, but he went right back to it again!!! Carl is a great shot! lol


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