Whale Tattoo

I have debated for years whether or not I want to get a tattoo. I know some people love them and others HATE them. They aren't for everybody that's for sure! I have always loved them on other people. Cody has one on his chest that he got when we started dating almost 9 years ago. I have my nose pierced. That's all I have been able to go through with. Tattoos are just a form of art to me. I never knew what I would want. Maybe a hello kitty? I want to be safe. Feel like I am getting something that I will always love. Even though when I turn 50 I may think to myself, "What was I thinking?"
I have fallen in love with this beautiful whale tattoo....
Tattoo belongs to this girl. Tattoo Done by Ryan Mason.

It's way bigger then I would probably want to go for a first tattoo. I love it though. I keep looking at it and looking at it. If I got it I would get it on my arm. I would probably make it look a bit more girly adding more pink to it. Change the hot air balloon to regular balloons and add some hearts somewhere. I am so in love with this image. I had considered some Alice in Wonderland tattoos, but I lean more towards a whale. I feel so passionate about saving whales, that I think it would be something special to me and close to my heart. Which is what tattoos are supposed to be. Here are a few more tattoos I like...

Alice tattoo on arm. This is where I would get my whale tattoo.

Disney UP tattoo. Very cute!

I am still undecided. I really want to take some time to think about it. At least I finally feel like I know what I want. Baby Steps! It is forever and it's gonna hurt!


  1. I have no tatoos, but debate about getting them so much!!!! I am so indecisive I wouldn't know what to get. I dream about getting a sleeve of tatoos but I worry about having to cover up in jobs. But I love the whale tatoo.

  2. The whale idea is super cute! I started considering a tattoo at 18 & finally bit the bullet in 2006 at 33 yrs old! I am so glad I waited until I figured out what would be most meaningful to me.
    I'm considering another, but two of my three boys are against it so we shall see.
    You better let us know what you decide! :)

  3. Cody actually wants me to get a half sleeve. I told him my arm is so small, that I think 1 tattoo with look like a half sleeve. lol

  4. i finally decided on m next one TCB logo. my tribute to elvis


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