The Cincinnati Zoo

A few friends and I went to the zoo the other day. I love going to the zoo and taking pictures. The Cincinnati Zoo is one of the best zoo's I have visited...
zoo 1
Beautiful tulips
zoo 3
Anna & me
zoo 2
zoo 5
My friend Cam was in charge of the map and guiding us through the zoo...
zoo 6
zoo 4
zoo 9
zoo 8
zoo 7
zoo 11
zoo 10
zoo 16
zoo 15
zoo 14
zoo 13
zoo 11
zoo 12
I enjoyed hugging a tree when I was there! :)


  1. GREAT pictures!! Wow those flowers are incredible!

  2. The flowers are simply gorgeous! I feel like lying down on that bed of lovely roses! <3 Thanks for sharing your photos here. I think I wanna go there too!


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