Fashion Friday: Animal Print & Stripes

Stripes and animal prints are 2 of my favorite things to wear! I have not wore an outfit yet that has had both together, but I want to....
fashion inspiration animal print and stripes
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Love this outfit by Jessica Quirk from What I Wore

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  1. Never thought about putting the two together but I actually like the look. Thanks so much for sharing. Love your blog!!


  2. I've been eyeing some leopard print flats for awhile now. They are so cute! Love this combination.

  3. I LOVE stripes and I LOVE animal print (in moderation)... and I have never thought of putting them together. I kind of love it.

  4. I'm all about animal print, it's like a neutral to me ;)

  5. Wow~love these animal prints! Stopping over from Fashion Friday~come over for a peek if you have a minute! Enjoy the weekend~Angie


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