Drive 2 OHIO {Day 2}

I made it to Ohio yesterday. I was way to busy catching up with my parents and friends to have time to blog. I actually stayed up for a whole 24 hours yesterday. I haven't done that in a long time and honestly didn't think I could anymore!!! The drive yesterday was longer and it did feel like I was never going to get there....
Missouri sky in the morning
The "highlight" of my day was when I finally reached Indiana and knew that it wasn't much longer before I would reach Ohio.
Driving through Indianapolis always stresses me out! I just don't get it, but the speed limit is 55 and they usually go 85. They think that highway 465 is like for INDY 500 tryouts or something. I am a nervous wreck when I drive through there and I just feel my body tense up. So just be careful if you ever travel through the Indianapolis area.
Illinois Farm - "It all starts with a seed"OHIO DRIVE Day2 2OHIO DRIVE Day2 5
I am here now and ready to have some fun and relax. I gotta say though being here does make me appreciate Wyoming more. I really enjoy the scenery in Wyoming. Mountains are awesome! Today I went to the Cincinnati Zoo and plan to show you some of my favorite photos tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by!

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