Fashion Friday: BRIGHT EYES

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I just purchased this eyeshadow by Rimmel...

I have never wore blue eyeshadow in my life. I tried it out the other day and I loved it. The shadow doesn't seem to crease to bad either.
I have yet to find a good eyeshadow primer, any suggestions?
What brand of eyeshadow do you use?

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  1. This is a cool post. I only spurlge on foundation and concealer but mostly get Covergirl eyeshadow. I would love to try MAC or something to see if it was "better"- but I'm like.. "Hmm, do I want to pay $25 for green eyeshadow". Im so scared to wear bright colors.

  2. If your scared to wear bright colors, then you should buy the Rimmel like I did. It was like $3 at Walmart. I have a few MAC eyeshadows and do like them, but don't see a huge difference.


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