My Dollhouse Project

After thinking about it and thinking about it, I broke down and bought a dollhouse. I have always wanted to build and decorate one. I figured with the cold winter months approaching it would be a good project for me. I knew with the "I'm A Giant Challenge" going on, it would just make me want to do it even more. I headed to Hobby Lobby and purchased this house...
The Vermont Farmhouse Jr DollhouseDollhouse box1

It is not my first choice of course. If I could have any house it would be an ultra modern one. Most of the contemporary houses are very expensive though and I wasn't even sure if this was a project I would stick with. When I asked Cody about maybe just building one for me, he looked at me like I had two heads. We don't have the tools or space for that right now! Here is my favorite dollhouse I found on the web...
The Ultra Modern

It is sold out of course! It looks like a house I would live in! If I stick with this new found hobby, my next house will have to be a modern one. For now I focus on my cute little farmhouse. The first few days were spent painting everything with primer. (I still have tons of priming to do!) The house came with finished wood flooring...
Dollhouse not painted1
I decided to paint the floors white. I love painted white floors in real homes, so my dollhouse had to have white floors! I have no idea what I am doing since this whole dollhouse thing is new to me. I searched for hours online looking for inspiration. I found a website with a tutorial for building furniture out of cardboard. I decided to attempt it...
Dollhouse cardboard sofa and chair1My couches are on the bigger size. I pretty much designed them with the Lounge Sofa from Crate & Barrel in mind. I purchased gray corduroy fabric from JoAnn's and spent about 3 hours trying to get the sofa right. The problem was I don't like to follow directions and I tried to do it my own way. The couch and chair I made turned out okay. I can definitely tell this was my first attempt. All I see are my mistakes...
Dollhouse Living Room1
They are cute though and work for now. My goal is to make as much of the furniture as possible. Yes, I could buy all kinds of awesome stuff online. I rather make things myself then drop tons of cash. The selection of doll furniture is very limited where I live. I will have to purchase many things online, or make them myself. I decided on chevron painted walls in the living room because I have always wanted a "real life" room painted this way. Since I have been living in apartments for awhile now, it makes it hard for me to do all these crazy things I envision. This is why this dollhouse project is fun for me. It is a great creative outlet. I have a lot of work ahead of me. Here is all I have done right now...
Dollhouse all rooms1
I have to paint all the trim and the outside of the house still. I may try to work on all that before I decorate anymore of the interior. I plan to paint the exterior of the house a cheery yellow color! Stay tuned...


  1. Looks cute! I love the chevron walls. I have a Flickr friend that makes her own modern dollhouse furniture and accessories. I think she posts tutorials on her blog.

  2. This is coming along beautifully! It's going to be too cute for words once you're finished.

  3. I am buying me one of these house tomorrow!!! I need the biggest house they have to kill time. I LOVE the chevron walls!

  4. Thanks Gina! I will go check her out!

  5. ohhhhhh!! i love it!!!! could you plase plase show us how sis you paint the walls this way? i love the ¿red? room ^^ i would also rather make things myself than buy stuff. Want to read more about it!!! enjoy!! :D

  6. What a fun project! Can't wait to see the final product!

  7. The yellow chevron walls look awesome! And I'm very impressed with your mini furniture building... looks like it takes a lot of patience. Can't wait to try it out for my own dollhouse.

    Looking forward to watching your progress!

  8. The chevron walls are brilliant, as is your first attempt at a sofa! I'm going to have a go at a sofa too at some stage. The wallpapers look good just the right scale x

  9. Thanks everybody! :) Cody (My Husband) actually picked the yellow for the chevron walls. Using blue painters tape to make the pattern was pretty easy. I think my sofa is a little BIG for my living room, but it took hours to make. I don't really want to start over. lol

  10. Hi Jessie,
    I saw your comment Mini*Aesthetics blog asking where she bought her furniture... I put together a directory of modern miniatures on the market that you may be interested in with pictures/links to online stores and etsy shops:

    Also, minimodernistas might be up your alley as she focuses on modern mid-century miniatures:

    mini smiles,

  11. Thanks Megan!!! My dollhouse is at a stand still right now because I can never find any furniture I like, or can afford! I will check out all those links! :)

  12. Have fun with your project. You want Ideas for furniture making? Go on to Pinterest. It will blow your mind with what you can make.


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