This month I have added some new Vinylmations to my collection.
Vinylmations - Oct 2011
Spooky Series 1 | Oh Mickey | Pumpkin Head

Now I have the complete Nightmare Before Christmas set! I have left them in the boxes, but don't really like them displayed that way. I am trying to decide if I should take them out of the boxes or not? I try VERY hard to not get on the Vinylmation website. It's better I don't know what I can buy! They are releasing an Alice In Wonderland set on November 4th!

Vinylmation Alice In Wonderland

I don't know if they will put them online or not. I can't go to California or Florida to buy them in person! Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite things and to add Vinylmations to it is super awesome.


  1. We have no Disney store here so I can't buy. Then when I go online I see EVERYTHING I like.. so I've been staying away. Have you tried the ones you can paint yourself? I'm thinking of making my own collection just for laughs and to match things.

  2. We have a Disney store in Denver. They have a very small selection of Vinylmations. I can't wait to go on vacation to Disney World and trade! I have 27 trades right now! This Vinylmation thing is addictive!


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