Inspirtation: Display

I have been looking for inspiration for something to hang over my couch. I found these cool images and wanted to share them with you. I love this look...
Home Klondike2-traditional-eclectic-white-living-room-ideas-storage-modern

I love how the boxes are all different sizes. I think this would be a cool way for me to display my toy collection someday. Here is a photo frame collage wall which looks great in this room with its tall ceilings...

This photo below shows a great use of a corner! Love all the photos sat on the shelves and they even used the floor...
Storage SystemsWall-Mounted-Shelving-Units

Then of course, I have always dreamed of having a wall of Warhol....
BeLigherMonroe Wall


  1. Have you seen that site IKEA hack? I feel like my life is complete now. Also, cool post. I suck at displaying things on walls. I'm too iffy to ever make a decision. I was shocked I finally made the great leap to buy wall decals.

  2. Yes I have see IKEA Hackers. I follow that blog. I haven't hacked anything from IKEA yet. lol I also haven't bought any wall decals. I want to, but we'll wait till we have a house.


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