My Dollhouse Update

The day I decided to go out to Hobby Lobby and buy my dollhouse, I thought for sure that I would come home and start putting it together right away. Once I started unpacking small piece after small piece and looking at the direction booklet, I realized very quickly that putting it together was NOT a one day project. (Not for me at least!!) I also have to be honest that I pretty much begged Cody to help me. He has been a HUGE help! Without him, there would be no dollhouse for me. The exterior of the house is so much work. Painting every little piece! Here is all the window trim painted white...
My Dollhouse - Primed Window Trim
After I spent all this time doing this I read in the instructions that I was supposed to paint it AFTER I glued them all together. Oops. It's okay though, because I didn't paint the ends where the glue goes. Someday I will learn to read everything before always just doing it "my way"! lol
My Dollhouse Primed - Oct 2011
There is the house primed. This picture is actually a week old. The house is painted now and all the windows are going in today! This weekend Cody and I are attempting to knockout the whole exterior so I can finally start decorating!!!! I will post some exterior pictures sometime next week.

Make sure to check out the update Emily posted on her blog about the challenge. It is really fun to see what everyone else is coming up with while decorating their houses!

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  1. This is funny. At my Hobby Lobby they advertise they'll put it together for you but it jacks the price up by almost 300 on some houses. Now I see why they charge so much. Good luck! Can't wait to see everything.


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