My Union Jack Painting

A few weeks ago I did an INSPIRATION post with images of the Union Jack pattern. I had planned to decorate my bedroom in pink and orange. I decided I wanted to just paint my own Union Jack painting to hang over my bed. I started by making this design in Photo Shop...
Union Jack love
I wanted there to be a heart in the center with the word love on it. I have always also loved pink and red rooms, so I thought why not add red to my bedroom also?
Painting UNION JACK1
I am fortunate to own a projector that I purchased many years ago. It has helped me with many projects. I purchased my canvas, paint and small paint roller from Hobby Lobby. It only cost me $22 because everything was on sale! I already had blue painters tape, which is perfect for making the flag sections of the Union Jack pattern. To start the project I made the room really dark and then traced the design onto the canvas...
Painting UNION JACK2
After I traced everything I laid the canvas on my dining room table and started rolling all the layers of paint on...
Painting Union Jack3
The red took about 6 coats of paint! I decided to just free hand the word love on the heart so it would be my handwriting. I am pretty happy with the end result.
Painting Union Jack 4
For only $22 it was a great way to create a focal point for over the bed. It added the extra color I needed on the plain white walls and pulls the color scheme together. The small pillow in the front I have had for about 6 years. It was from Target and I have always loved it. It didn't work in my last house, so I am glad I finally had a room it matched!

(I can't find nightstands for my bedroom! Once I do I can finish the decorating and post pictures! Stay tuned...)


  1. I see you have taken advantage of the Hobby Lobby sale. Last week I got a bunch of stuff for 40% off CHEERS!

    I really love the painting! Also, and this is weird- but I love your bed. You could have put 8828 orange and pink pillows on there- but it just looks so clean and crisp and RICH the way it is. I would have messed it all up with my over the top ways. Im impressed. LOL. You don't understand.

  2. I love "simple" decor. I don't do well with clutter. I love beds with lots of pillows, but never decorate my own bed that way. I tend to decorate with "less is more" in mind. :)

  3. Your painting looks great. Pink and orange (with lots of white) is one of my favorite color schemes.


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