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  1. I was scared to look at the price of the headboard because I like it. But its "only" 400 for a queen. NOT BAD! But the cheap part of me is like.. "Hmmm. Could I attempt this".

  2. I love love that bed frame! West Elm doesn't always have stuff I love, but right now they do. :) I would love the bed for a black and white guest bedroom. (I am already decorating a house I don't have.) lol I don't know if I could spend the money either.

  3. Ok, I'm completely fascinated with the headboard and guess what I found today that makes me comment again.


    It's wall decor, but I totally think you can disguise it as a headboard with pillows and no one would ever know and its as wide as a queen size bed (I think). You could spray paint it or something. I think I may be "tacky creative" and consider it for myself when we move. And look at the price!!!

  4. The queen size headboard is $400 and 62" wide, so I think the piece from Kirklands would work! It's only 2" smaller! That is awesome! I like that it's metal. It would be easy to spray ANY color! I can't buy it, so you should! lol I forget about Kirklands, I need to check their site out more often.


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