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A blog I stalk on a daily basis is Vintage Revivals written by Mandi. She turns thrift store finds into beautiful home decor. She is a stencil and spray paint queen! This is why I want a house so badly and not a stupid apartment where I can't paint! I want to do stuff like this...
This amazing yellow and white wall is in Mandi's living room. She also revamped that buffet herself! She has so much great advise and tutorials on her blog for people like me, who honestly don't know what they are doing. You will find lots of inspiration on her blog and she is really funny. She recently did a Epic Room Makeover Giveaway, and Mandi went to the lucky winner's home and designed a wonderful room...
She is so talented and really inspires me to "think outside the box" and shop at thrift stores more! I like the more personalized style for your home and not the store bought look! Go check out Mandi's blog for more inspiration!
(Images are from Mandi's blog)

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