Internet & Half My Stuff

Well I finally have my own internet! No more stealing the neighbors. Only bad thing is it is pretty slow. Here in Wyoming you don't get a lot of choices. It was get the slower internet for $24 a month, or the fast internet for $64 a month. I don't have a job or living room furniture. I am trying to save money everywhere I can. (because I rather spend my money on furniture.) Every website loads fine, except my blog. lol It takes the internet a while to load all the pretty pictures on my page. I just think to myself," You are saving money. Be patient. "

Cody and I have still been searching thrift stores daily looking for furniture. Poor Cody is so discouraged. He wants results NOW. Finding something at the thrift store is all about LUCK. The selection isn't really great because we live in a small town. I am starting to come to the reality that we will probably have to buy new.

No store in the world seems to sell WHITE TV stands! I don't want black brown, I decorate in WHITE! IKEA is a 2 hour drive from where we live and I know that when I walk through the doors I better be ready to drop at least $500! I have decided that I want the BESTÃ… BURS TV stand. It is way more they I ever wanted to spend, but in the long run it offers a lot of storage and I simply just LOVE it.
Besta TV Stand
So the search goes on for our sofa. I think we will keep searching thrift shops in hope of finding one. I can't lie and say I wouldn't be excited to get a NEW sofa. I just hate spending the money. The more money I spend on things, the longer it's going to take me to save money up to go to Disney World again. (Yes, we are addicted to Disney. It happens.)
Something I hadn't mentioned yet was that last Sunday we had only half of our stuff delivered to our apartment. (This shouldn't happen.) Cody and I have had lots of bad luck with "Air Force" related things. Problems with my ID, problems with our money and being told one thing and then a completely different thing happens. Nothing has been the end of the world, just disappointing. Especially anything that has to do with money! For example, we were told we would get paid for our gas to drive to Wyoming from Ohio. (Which cost me close to $500 for both cars.) Not true. We aren't getting paid for it, which sure doesn't seem fair to me. Instead we are told to use it as a tax right off. Whatever. I just want my $500 to pay off my VISA card!
Living Room Captions Cropped

Anyways, back to my story of our stuff. We only had the 10x10 storage unit that I crammed all our furniture and belongings into. It should of come in one shipment. Instead the driver brought half of it on it a Sunday. Since he brought it on a Sunday that meant he had no help to unload it! This should NEVER happen. The Air Force pays these moving companies good money to do this. Cody and I shouldn't have to touch our own stuff. Plus, you can ask the movers to unpack everything if you want them to. Well not us!!! Instead Cody busted his butt pulling totes of things on a cart up the stairs to our 2nd floor apartment. I carried many of my own items up the stairs. We turned into the movers!!!

I wouldn't be so upset if we had gotten ALL of our stuff! I am missing all my bookcases, so I have piles of things laying around waiting for placement. Then to make things worse, Cody calls the moving company about getting the rest of our stuff and they say," Well we have it marked down as delivered. " They had no idea that we hadn't got ALL of our stuff and had no idea where the rest was. This is one of those moments when you realize in life that if you want something done right you do it yourself!!! Now I wish we would of just went with renting a UHAUL and doing it ourselves. The current status of my stuff, is that it is still sitting in a warehouse in Ohio. (Thank god it's not at someone else's house or in Germany!) Now we just wait. I did decorate our kitchen with Teapots, Pyrex, Disney and Alice in Wonderland items. I will post pictures soon.

If you just read this novel, you are awesome. Thanks. :)


  1. Good grief!!! So any time frame on when the stuff is coming??? Sorry about all the runaround.

  2. You are such a better person than me. You know I would have gone on and on and on about how I hate the Air Force in 98 paragraphs. I really hope your stuff gets to you ASAP. Seriously. Ohio to Wyoming is not rocket science.. it should be at your house. Anyway, I thought of you earlier. I went to Disney Store. They have new vinylmations (??? whatever you call them that you collect). I wanted to buy one!!! But then I would get crazy and want to buy 389292 at one time.


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