My Vintage Toy Collection

This is the first time I've displayed my toy collection all in one place. I started collecting in 2001 when I worked at The Brass Armadillo Antique Mall. It was my first real job and I worked in the Antique business for a total of 7 years. When you work around antiques and collectibles, you tend to start collecting. It all started with one smurf figurine. Which then turned into 5,....which quickly turned into 150 and some mushroom houses. My collecting has slowed down because space is limited in our apartment. It was better for me to display it in our second bedroom, then keep it all packed up in the totes!
TOY Collection sep2011TOYS 3pic set 1TOYS 3pic set 2TOYS 3pic set 3TOYS 3pic set 4TOYS 3pic set 5TOYS 3pic set 6TOYS 3pic set 7TOYS 3pic set 8TOYS 3pic set 9TOYS 3pic set 10
Now my main focus is on Vinylmations. I have displayed them in our living room. (pictures to come later) I still have some more things to display, but ran out of shelving. I think it is fun to look at everything and some of the items are actually my toys from my childhood. Keeps me feeling young I guess. lol


  1. I think you did an awesome job getting everything set up! That display looks VERY nice! :)

  2. I loved seeing your collection! I started collecting the Barbies I had from when I was little. My nieces love looking at them.

    My mom has a ton of the original Little People and my son just discovered them, he loves them! I wish they still made them like that.

  3. This is magical! I love it. You got me started on the vinylmations and I'm on a mission to line my walls with them.

  4. Love it!! Sometimes I wish I had kept all my Strawberry Shortcake stuff.

  5. This is awesome! I love seeing your collection. You did a great job setting it up! I'd love to spend time in that room, it's so magical.

    Can't wait to see your living room. Do you also collect Hello Kitty? Where will those be displayed?

  6. Thanks everybody! It was tons of work setting all of it up. I didn't really have a plan or anything, I started with my Carebears and everything else just kinda found a place after that. lol Peggy - Yes, I do collect Hello Kitty also. Yesterday I set them up in the room. They were in my bedroom for a few days, but didn't like the "childish" feel it gave our bedroom. I will post pictures soon. :)


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