Our Wyoming Apartment - Kitchen

Since I can't paint my apartment kitchen, I decided to just add colorful things. I decided to use my teapot and pyrex collection as my color inspiration.
Wyoming Apartment kitchen5 5x7Wyoming Apartment 5x7 kitchen 2
Then I added some vases and other cute vintage items I already had. The kitties have been "saved" many times. First I had them for sale in my old antique booth. Then they were going to be in a garage sale, but I decided to keep them. Then last week the smaller one fell off my dresser and broke. What would the world do without super glue?
Wyoming Apartment kitchen1 5x7
Wyoming Apartment Kitchen
The kitchen also now has a Disney / Alice in Wonderland theme going on also. I have placed pictures of us from our Disney vacations through out the kitchen. The print I designed was inspired by this Jonathan Adler pillow.
Wyoming Apartment 5x7 kitchen 4
I prefer really modern kitchens, but I can't have that right now. I enjoy having the personal touches in our kitchen. It's a happy little space.
Wyoming Apartment kitchen6 5x7Wyoming Apartment kitchen7 5x7
The kitchen is as cheerful as I can make it without painting the walls. I will post more photos soon!

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