Cody and I are back to watching movies again. We are picky, so some nights we spend an hour flipping through Netflix trying to decide on something to watch! Last night we settled on the movie WILD TARGET...
Wild Target Movie Poster
We both really enjoyed it. It is rare for me to find a movie that has 3 actors in it that I like and that are the main characters! Bill Nightly plays a hit man, Emily Blunt is a theft and Rupert Grint was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. It is entertaining if you need a laugh. I fell in love with a hotel room that was in the movie. Decorated in turquoise and lime green...
Wild Target MovieWild Target Movie
I wish I could find more pictures of the room, but had no luck! I looked at Cody and said,"That would be a great color scheme for our living room!" He just gave me this look that said, "You know I hate lime green." Turquoise and lime green are two of my favorite colors! Putting them together just equals = AWESOME! Decorating for me is slow right now since we are on a tight budget and have no luck finding anything when we go shopping. I wish I could paint! It kills me to not put color on the walls! I will own a house again someday. Till then white walls and dreaming of the day I get to look at paint swatches at Home Depot....

Images found at The Broken Project. You can read more about the movie there.

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  1. I love Emily Blunt! Thanks for the recommendation, now I know what I'm watching tonight.

    You're right - that hotel room is yummy! That's one of my favorite color schemes too. And did you notice that standing silver lamp? Gorgeous!

    Why don't you buy some large canvases and paint them in solid colors since you can't paint your walls? I like doing that, plus it makes changing your mind really easy.


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