I'm A Giant Challenge {dollhouse decorating}

Have you heard about the Dollhouse Decorating Challenge that Emily Henderson is hosting? I found out about the challenge on Nicole's blog Making it Lovely.
I think it's a wonderful idea. Before I moved I had this cute perfect dollhouse, now I wish I would have kept it. Emily is encouraging everyone to get involved and spread the word!

Here are the design bloggers in the challenge:

Emily from Secrets from a Stylist

Morgan from The Brick House

Erin from Design for Mankind

Orlando from Hommemaker

Corbett from Girl Domestic

Jenny from Little Green Notebook

Nicole from Making it Lovely

Kirsten from Simply Grove

It is definitely going to be fun to see the end results! Emily had a really good point about how girls shouldn't have to grow up! We should be aloud to keep playing with dollhouses! I think it's a great design outlet and would make a really fun hobby! You can read Emily's full post about the challenge HERE.

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