Sorry for the lack of posts. I have been super busy the last few days. The movers finally brought the rest of our stuff late last week. I gotta say Cody and I plan to never let anyone touch our stuff again. Most of my furniture got damaged and they lost a few things. I probably will get paid some money back for the damages and loss. No one will ever care or handle your stuff the way you would. People don't care. For example, my IKEA bed frame now has a dent on it from a hammer. Yes, a hammer. I guess someone got a little to excited when hammering our crate closed that contained our bed frame. On a happier note though, we did end up getting paid a good amount of money for all of our traveling. Originally we didn't think we would get paid for much of it or any of it. The Air Force came through for us and made things right. With that said we had some extra money to go buy our TV stand. We decided to drive to the Denver IKEA on Saturday. We took Chloe and Muffins with us. As you can see from Chloe's face, she was very stressed. She hates riding in the car.
IKEA Denver Collage 1When we finally make it to IKEA, this sign was posted....IKEA closed sign
I didn't panic because I know IKEA. They will do anything in their power to re-open their store. They don't like losing money on a Saturday. Cody and I were lucky because their was a mall right by IKEA so we had something to do. The rest of the time we just sat in the car waiting...
IKEA SunIKEA Rainbow
A few hours went by and they finally re-opened. It was great because we pretty much had the store to ourselves! The Denver IKEA has a parking garage. I am not used to that. I was glad it wasn't busy because I don't think I would of been able to remember where Cody parked the car. I fell in love with the Volvo they had in their lobby. As you can see Cody was very excited that we didn't waste a 2 hour drive....
IKEA Store Collage
The IKEA store was nice, but I miss my Ohio IKEA. I really miss working there also! I never thought I would miss my job but I really really do. The people I worked with were awesome and I had a fun job. Now I'm not sure where I will work or what I will do. (That is a post for another day!) We left happy with our new TV stand....
IKEA me boxesHere it is put together and setup in our living room....IKEA TV stands and couch
Yes that is the vintage couch. I really like it. It's not the prettiest thing, but I've seen much worse. I still have lots of finishing touches to do in the living room. I have no artwork for over our couch. I want some throw pillows and I need to re-cover the ottoman. For now I am still hanging pictures and unpacking.


  1. Honestly, I like the couch. I was expecting... I don't even know. But It's nice. You can make it work! So happy the Air Force reimbursed you!! The Air Force is my friend again, for now.

  2. I like the couch also. It looked better to me once we got it in the apartment. Its super comfy and low like the ottoman. We are much happier now that we have a place to sit!!!! I am glad you like the Air Force TODAY. lol I know the feeling. ;)

  3. I didn't realize you found a couch! I love it. I know you are going to rock that living room.


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