MY PROM @ 30

Yes this is my Fashion Friday post. It's about me having a pretend Prom at the age of 30! When I was in high school I never had the chance to go to Prom. I am not super girly, but my heart melts when I look at all the pretty dresses in the department stores. I always give Cody a hard time about NOT taking me even though we didn't know each other yet. I am turning 30 at the end of this year and thought a Prom type photo shoot would be fun to do. Now that I moved away from my family and friends there is no chance of a big party. I don't want to just sit and do nothing on my birthday! Cody is a good sport and said we should do it. I have been looking online at dresses like crazy. I know the dress I would of picked out in high school would of been a lot different then what I want now. I hated pink in high school,...can you believe that??

I am posting some photos of dresses I love and some that I just kinda like. I would love your feedback on what you think would work best for me. Or if you just think a dress is plan awful looking. I am drawn to purple dresses for some reason and Cody said he'd like to see me in red. (Which I could not find either purple or red online that I liked. Go figure!) I have a few months to figure this out and find a photographer. Here are the dresses that I have selected so far...

PROM at 30 dresses pg1
1 2 3 4

What I think about each dress for myself:

1. Hailey Logan Dress - Love the soft pink, but scared I would look like a petite Barbie doll. Wish it came in darker colors.

2. Jump Halter Dress - Love everything about this dress except the color. Pretty sure that I could go shopping and find a similar dress in a different color. Halter dresses look good on me. I think Cody would hate the ruffles though. lol

3. Blondie Nite-Out Dress - Very sexy and I love leopard print. Cody hates animal print anything. I think it would fit me well and I feel I could wear it again. It may not be "dressy" enough to give me the prom feel I want.

4. Jump Strapless Dress - Of course I love this dress,...IT'S HOT PINK! I hate strapless dresses on me though. Not sure if this style would look good on my petite SHORT body.

Can you see why I want help and feedback?

PROM at 30 dresses pg2
5 6 7 8

What I think about each dress for myself:

5. Jodi Kristopher Ombre Dress - Simple and beautiful. Not sure if it is dressy enough and I have very fair skin for a white dress.

6. B. Darlin Ruched Halter Dress - Love this dress but not sure about the color. I love the back of the dress also. (picture on website)

7. Blondie Nites One-Shoulder Dress - I think this would be cute on me. If you hate it, please tell me. lol

8. Jump One-Shoulder Dress - Love the simple colors and the fit. Not sure if the one-shoulder look is right for me though.

Dresses 1 - 8 are all from Dillards

PROM at 30 dresses pg3
9 10 11 12

What I think about each dress for myself:

9. Ruby Rox Pick-Up Belted Dress - Love the color and LOVE the price!!! It is on clearance for $27! I like the simple look and the black bow. This one is one of my favorites.

10. Ruby Rox Sequin Waist Tube Dress - I like this because it is black and white with a hint of silver. Strapless, but I am willing to try it on because I love everything else so much.

11. Sleeveless One Shoulder Jump Dress - Love the animal print and tulle skirt! Very cute dress and probably would fit me well.

12. Ruby Rox Flocked Tie-Waist Dress (purple) - This may be cute on. It is one of the only purple dresses I liked. I guess I like the ruffled look because most the dresses I picked have it!

Dresses 9 - 12 are from Macy's and JCPenney.

What do you think? Is this a crazy dumb idea? If I do decide to do this I am open to suggestions for the actually photo shoot. Cody and I plan to also get photos of us together with him in his dress blues. We haven't had any real photos together since our wedding 5 years ago. If anything the dresses are fun to look at and a girl is aloud to dream! Please leave me comments about what you think of the dresses or vote for your favorite dress using the poll in my sidebar area!

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  1. Love this post! Love the idea of a prom at 30. I had the ugliest prom dress! My vote is number 9, and I was stunned to see the price - $27! Really? That's amazing. I love the big bracelet too.

  2. NUMBER 9 is my FAVE!!!! I never went to my prom but I did go with my best friends little brother to his..MEH..I think Prom at 30 would be Much funner!

  3. Thanks guys! I tried on about 10 dresses yesterday and had NO luck. I guess now that I am older I am picky. lol I tired on number 4 & 6 at Dillards, they did not fit right at all. Being short makes it hard. I think I will buy number 9 and just return it if it doesn't look good.

  4. I vote for #9 as well. I also like #11. I'm not feeling the ones with ruched fronts, though.


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