Painting My Bathroom & Vintage Curtains

Usually when you rent a new place the walls have been freshly painted for you. Not my apartment. There are nails in the walls, tons of holes, dirty hand prints and scuff marks everywhere! It is really getting to me and grossing me out. The only room in the apartment that is white, is the bathroom. The other rooms are all this weird off-white almost beige color. Can you see me rolling my eyes? I am not able to paint here. I did take it upon myself to repaint the bathroom white. There were so many holes and dirty marks on the walls that I couldn't live with it and Cody agreed.
WY Apartment bathroom painting1
The bathroom is one of my projects this week. Above you can see a photo of the bathroom. It is small, so very hard to photograph. I decided to use my lime green shower curtain in the space. I plan to put black and white accessories in the bathroom along with my dearly loved Michelin Man. I am having paint with drawls! I crave color! I believe because of all this lack of creative outlet for me, my next house will be OVER THE TOP.

Cody and I may have found a couch. I am kicking myself for not taking a picture of it!!! First thing you need to know about this "couch" is that it is pretty ugly. It is a vintage sofa that is a light turquoise color with a green floral pattern on it. The lines and shape of the couch are very cool. It is also very comfy. The best part is that is it FREE. One of the benefits of being part of the Air Force is there are thrift stores on the base. One of them is FREE. The only reason we didn't bring the sofa home with us is because it wouldn't fit in our car. We hope to have our friend with a truck help us get it this Saturday! The only catch is, it may be gone. I feel it will be waiting there for us though, because honestly Cody and I are probably the only people crazy enough to take it. I was able to bring these curtains home....
WY Apartment curtains1
Needless to say, I think my living room is going to be very interesting looking when I get done decorating it. It will be awhile before I piece it all together. It is much more tricky to decorate when you are on a tight budget and now IKEA is over 2 hours away from me. I am just thankful I have self control when it comes to my VISA card.

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