I love vintage Pyrex. I love all the bright colors and patterns!

Pyrex Collage

Image Sources:
1. Dot Bowls {Craven Maven}
2. Bowl w/Daisy Lid {Kaboodle}
3. Collection {Country Home}
4. Orange & Rooster Bowls {Etsy}

If you want to see learn more about collecting Pyrex and all the different styles check out Pyrex Love.

When you spend a total of 7 years of your life working at antique malls and being an antique dealer like me, you see lots of Pyrex. I ended up only with a few pieces. I decided to collect the Daisy Pattern. I love the colors and the flower pattern of course...

orange pyrex bowls 2

orange pyrex bowls 1

I also have a few other small bowls that I snatched up from thrift stores...

orange pyrex bowls 3

I love collecting! I also do not like clutter. The 2 things kinda contradict themselves. I think it is good that I don't like clutter, because if it didn't bother me I think I would become a hoarder!

It is really exciting to go to a thrift shop and find vintage Pyrex. I really hope that where I end up moving to next year has some cool thrift stores and antique shops!


  1. I love old Pyrex and Old tupperware. I come across them all the time at the thrift stores around my neighborhood.

  2. hehehe i LOVE that statement... i'm like that too! love collecting and hate clutter hahahahah

    i don't get crap :P that way what i collect doesn't start to look like clutter :P so stuffed teddies by the dozens, plates for the sake of teddies etc etc... i avoid like the plague :P


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