Halloween Past

My parents throw a Halloween Party every year. I thought it would be cute to make a collage of Cody & I's past Halloween costumes.

5x7 Halloween past with border for blog


Cop & Prisoner - 2003
Peter Pan & Tinker Bell - 2005
The Mad Hatter & Alice - 2006
Harry Potter & My Muggle - 2007
Cheshire Cat - 2008
{Cody didn't dress up, but the dogs did! Muffins was an Angel and Chloe a little devil}

In 2009 {last year} we didn't dress up. We just couldn't decide on costumes and most of them are so expensive! I wore a Hello Kitty headband, that was my costume...

Cody & Me - Halloween 2009

We are dressing up this year. I was able to find a cheap costume for both of us! I will keep it secret till Halloween though!!! Looking at the past photos of us really made me want to dress up. It only comes once a year and its a great way to remember it. This very well maybe the last Halloween party with my family and friends for a long time since we are moving away. I want to make sure I take lots of photos this year and have a great time. :) Do you go to any parties for Halloween??

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