I saw this Alice in Wonderland book a few months back while shopping at Barnes & Nobles. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it! I love seeing all the different versions of Alice in Wonderland. The artwork that people come up with fascinates me! I hope to own this book someday. :)


I saw this last night at Books A Million. I found it a bit scary! lol Very cool though. I just don't know if I would buy it for my little girl.


The vintage Golden Books have my favorite artwork...


This pop-up book is really neat...

Alice in Wonderland 2

I have a few Alice in Wonderland books. They are packed away in storage. I may bring them to the apartment though, since Alice is in my decor. :) I never shared a photo of one of my purchases from Disney! I got a very cool Alice purse. I love it dearly...

My Alice Purse from Disney

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