Design Board - Amanda's Living Room

Amanda recently purchased a great retro home from the 1960's. She contacted me for some design ideas. She told me that she liked turquoise and orange. I love that color scheme and felt it fit her home really well.

Design Board #1
Design Board - Amandas Living Room


SOLMYRA Dots Picture
Orange & White Fabric
Orange & White Pillows on Sofa
Orange Clock
Shag Rug
Genie Glass Orange Lamp
Glass End Table
Sputnik Light
Aqua Dots Doormat
Image source for BLENKO GLASS VASES {HERE}
No links for the orange egg chair or vintage wallpaper

Detailed Entryway:
amandas entryway1

Detailed Living Room:
amandas living room detail1

I think it would be neat to have a wall of bookcases in Amanda's living room. She could find some vintage wallpaper or fabric to place in the back of them! I would also suggest painting the fireplace a bright white so that it would stand out more.

Design board #2
design board turq orange 2

White Mirror
Orange Table Lamp
White End Table
White Sofa
Wall Color - Cloudless
Mod Dot Rug
Tripod Table Lamp
Rex Ray Prints

I hope these pictures below also inspire Amanda! I featured this photo on the design board! I love the star burst style mirrors on the wall! They really create a great focal point...

This turquoise and orange themed kitchen is amazing!
Image source: Berd House Gallery

I think a collection of starburst mirrors {new and vintage} would make a cool focal point on a wall! Also, a silver floor lamp like the one pictured below gives any room a "retro" vibe...

Image source: Thirteen & South

I love this white room with its beautiful white egg chair. This room is a good example of vintage and new decor used together.

Image source: Three Men & A Lady

Here is a great image of a room decorated in retro decor...


Happy Decorating Amanda!


  1. Thank you so much! This will definitely help with the decorating process. Lots of ideas!

  2. Have fun decorating!! Good luck with all your remodeling. It is a lot of work but will pay off in the end. :)

  3. I love all of this! I use the same colors in my living room too!

  4. Thanks Jill! It is a great color scheme!


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